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This is where your idea turns into a 3D CAD model and you get to see a visual representation of your part or assembly. This step is particularly important because it allows our engineers to create a part that is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also easily manufacturable. Lots of companies will design a wonderful part only to find that it contains overly complex geometries that cause the part to cost a lot more than they initially expected. During this important phase, you will sit down with our engineers and go over all your goals for your product.


We offer in-house engineering and CNC machining. We can take your idea from a concept to a 3D printed or a fully machined part. Low cost aluminum injection mold inserts are also available.

  • CAD design and creation of solid models

  • 3D printing

  • Conversion of CAD models to machine code via SolidCAM

CNC Machining

We offer full-spectrum CNC machining. We do in-house mold making and tool and die making. We machine aluminum, plastic, and steel to extremely tight tolerances suitable for aerospace, automotive, medical and other high-precision industries.

  • High Speed CNC Milling

  • Lathe Work

  • Wire EDM

  • Sinker EDM

Injection Molding

We offer both low and high-volume production runs of most thermoplastic materials. We have 10 injection molding machines with shot sizes ranging from 1/2 oz to 6 oz and press sizes from 15 tons to 88 tons. We also offer assembly and post-production services.

  • Thermoplastic Molding

  • Assembly

  • Hot Stamping

  • Pad Printing

  • Sonic Welding


This is where the finishing touches are added to a part. This includes putting together assemblies. In this final Phase, things like logos may be pad printed on, additional plastic features might be sonic welded to a part, or parts are trimmed from runners.

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