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  • The patented HemiTor™ cassette features internal pulse dampening on input and output, producing precise repeatable outputs that surpass industry standards and minimizes product shear.
  • The HemiTor™ Precision Pump System can be integrated into single use assemblies eliminating the need to clean the pump head between production lots.
  • The precise output allows for improved quality with “zero dead volume” that eliminates the waste of expensive materials.
  • The HemiTor™ superior motor provides versatility by producing minimum and maximum flow rates ranging from .025ml/min to 4 liters/ min, allowing you to use the HemiTor™ System for multiple applications, saving time and money.


  • The HemiTor™ Precision Pump System’s oversized motor minimizes heat transfer allowing for higher yields.

  • The versatility of the HemiTor™ System allows you to pump both low and high viscosity materials while maintaining superior precision and efficiency.

  • Automated features of the HemiTor™ System include an easy filling application based on target weight value, and integrated pump timer, the ability to run at a constant flow rate, and a database that allows for repeatable output and improved productivity.


  • The HemiTor™ System has a linear flow rate up to 4 liters/min with maximum pressure up to 30 psi (2 bar).

  • The HemiTor™ cassette eliminates the need for expensive tubing.

  • HemiTor™ cassettes are constructed of 100% polyurethane for ease in recycling.

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